Let’s admit it: it’s an extremely frustrating world. We’re experiencing a constant stream of news that makes us sad, angry, incredulous. In our daily lives we meet people or experience events that make our blood boil. Especially in a metropolis the circumstances are even harder: the hustle and bustle of the city, traffic, crowded streets make people harsh and callous. Everyone seems stressed, angry, inconsiderate and often downright rude. Among this turmoil it’s extremely hard to be able to keep our composure and not lash on someone. And that someone might not necessarily the one that frustrated you – could be just a collateral damage. If you’re surrounded by people and work with many different characters I’m sure you’ve encountered much worse. On top of it as we age it gets harder to put up with bullshit, stupidity, ignorance, carelessness etc. Sometimes it is your body’s reflex to yell at someone/something or just punch the problem right in the face.

However, we should never forget this: we are not savages. We cannot simply handle matters by physically or emotionally hurting someone.

It should be our daily practice to remind ourselves that being a kind person always wins. No matter how hard we are tried we shall not stray from being a kind and understanding person. We should treat everyone the way we wish to be treated. That’s the bottom line.

In order to achieve that we must make a habit of listening to ourselves. Keep practicing mindfulness and ask: Why am I angry / sad / desolate? Understand what situation you’re in and wait before taking an action. Breathe and be equanamious.

Remember again: Kindness always wins.

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