I was born in Samsun, Turkey. I had a happy childhood. I have never considered myself exceptionally prone to academic studies, but I always succeeded by working hard, constantly trying different ways to improve myself, being patient and self-disciplined.

I had my bachelors degree in Civil Engineering at ODTU / METU. I established the beginnings of some great friendships there. Most of them I am still friends with. The four years that I spend in ODTU dorms helped me becoming who I am right now. Sharing the small dorm room with six guys in bunk beds might sound excruciating to many (to me as well right now) yet it teaches so much about people and more importantly about yourself.

I used to visualize a lot during those four years. I used to go to the stadium and sit at the empty seats at night and just think about the future. I always imagined going abroad for my master’s degree – even though my GPA was sub-par, despite long nights of studying. Anyway, I ended up going for my MSc degree at Rutgers in January 1998. Finished it in 2001, then my PhD degree in 2006.  Somehow, I ended up living the exact same life I always visualized. The problem was that I had been myopic during those visualization sessions that I had never thought of what I would have done after my graduate studies. Ended up living in the US for 15 years.

15 years… Sounds long. It didn’t feel like it. I fell in love with a girl in Istanbul and decided to go back to my homeland in August 2012. This means I spent more than half of my adult life in the US. This simple mathematical outcome can sometimes cause minor problems in life. I have never belonged to anywhere. I am half here, half there (This is a grim topic that I shall discuss later)

That’s why I sometimes feel more comfortable writing in English. So I envision that most of my blogs will be in English. But there are many topics that I have in mind but those should only be written in Turkish. Perhaps I can just tag the post with Turkish or English in the header (well that’s a dumb idea right from the get-go)

I have always wanted to have a personal website since 2000. Never was able to do it. I have had many aspirations that I thought I would follow up but were forgotten later on. This website can very well be one of those. I promised myself to do it this year – it is one of my quarterly goals of 2017-2018 (more of this will be written on my blogs).

Well… This is pretty much it. Whatever I wrote up there are subject to change.


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