Current Research


There are many different topics that I am interested. Below is the list of the ones that I am current working on.

Estimation of the Marginal Costs of Highway Transportation

This was the topic for my Master’s thesis. At the heart of most policy considerations lies the accurate estimation of marginal costs. This information is essential for allocating resources efficiently, ensuring equity among highway users, and for developing effective pricing mechanisms.

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Large-Scale Microscopic Traffic Simulation Modelling 

I was lucky enough to be involved in a research project back in 2002 that required a simulation model of the South Jersey traffic network. This was a tall order for me then for I had no idea what the proper steps of building a large-scale simulation model. Data were scarce, especially input data, meaning the geometric details, number of lanes,

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Application of Reinforcement Learning Methods in Microscopic Traffic Simulation

My interest in using reinforcement learning in traffic simulation started a while back. It had always irked me that every time a simulation run is conducted, agents have zero idea about the network: they only know their origins and destinations, but the rest is fed to them during the simulation, such as the shortest route, which lane to choose, etc.

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