Estimation of the Marginal Costs of Highway Transportation

This was the topic for my Master’s thesis. At the heart of most policy considerations lies the accurate estimation of marginal costs. This information is essential for allocating resources efficiently, ensuring equity among highway users, and for developing effective pricing mechanisms.

It was quite a popular theme back in the late 90s and early 00s but it seems like the interest has somewhat dwindled. Then again, just like most research topics, I am sure there is be a resurgence of interest in this one.

Below are the list of my publications and presentations related to this topic:

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  7. “Quantification of Possible Impacts of Capacity Expansion Projects on Transportation Costs via Trip-based Full Marginal Cost Estimation Methodology.” Presented at the Transportation Research Board 87th Annual Meeting, 2008.

Anyone who is interested in this topic should check out these essential literature:

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